Once you have found the perfect foundation, you can simple do anything. I am still on my search for the perfect foundation therefore when I heard about The Ordinary’s releases and their incredible price points, I gave both a go to see if I had found the one. The Ordinary foundations come in a decent shade range including neutral, pink and yellow undertones. The bottles are small but perfect for the makeup bag and come with a squeeze top for hygienic application. I picked up both the serum foundation and the coverage foundation from ASOS, the price points for these foundations are circa £6 and as I purchased with a 20% off code, if they were a success then I’ve literally hit the jackpot!
I started off with the coverage foundation as I do suffer with dark circles and pigmentation therefore felt this one would suit me better. As the colour range was difficult to fathom on the website, I did end up with a shade slightly more yellow than I would have needed. Despite this, the foundation went on nicely and the coverage was very good. I have dry skin which will flake and peel throughout the day (I know - it’s not good!) therefore I did actually find this foundation a little too dry. The foundation stuck quite unevenly to places around my nose where my dryness is worst. I was disappointed that the formula was so dry however I will try it out mixing it with primers or dewier foundations in order to appreciate the coverage. 
To my surprise, the serum foundation was by far my favourite and an absolute success. The consistency is runny, putting it on the back of your hand is dangerous in white clothing! However once applied, the foundation sinks in nicely. The foundation stays quite tacky therefore mixes with concealer nicely, blending it in well. I do find that before powder, the foundation moves a lot with a slight touch but the finished look is very pretty and glows and actually is very good coverage!
Overall I'm so impressed with these foundations, and the brand in general. Their basis is behind simplicity and not over complicating ingredients, something I think is very inspiring and the perfect premise for a new brand. Definitely give these a go, see which one works for you best and let me know which you prefer!

J x

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