Glossier; the brand that really had it’s moment in Twenty Seventeen. Any beauty lover will have heard of the brand and you cannot miss the sleek yet fun design, the infamous pink packaging or those cute little stickers. I knew I wanted to try this out and took Christmas as the opportunity to ask Santa for some bits. The latter half of the year saw Glossier bring out UK shipping which sent the Youtube and Blogging communities wild. Followers of the likes of The Anna Edit or Mary from Another Girls Life will have seen an abundance of reviews and discussion on the releases and I for one did not want to be missing out! Although all items have had a plethora of positive reviews, I started simple and went for the Phase 1 set. Arriving in the subtle white box and packaged in the bubble wrap pockets which are the perfect partner for any traveller - I was so excited to have my hands on three of the best sellers; The Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and the Balm Dot Com. 
The Balm Dot Com - just the coolest name of salve ever. This comes in several flavours now however I opted for the original. The consistency is a lot thicker than I first expected, which did catch me off guard. I welcomed it however, a thick salve is always a winner, especially given the time of year. The Balm Dot Com claims it can be used on all dry areas such as lips, elbows or cuticles. Given I have a flakey dry completion naturally, I do have an abundance of these types of creams so I think I will be using mine predominantly for the lips. And plus, it looks super cute in your handbag. 
I watched Mary’s first impressions where she used the Milky Jelly Cleanser and on first thought wasn’t massively impressed. She said she found it left her skin feeling quite tight and very squeaky clean - this left me a little apprehensive given the most gentlest of things can leave me feeling this way. I've given it a few tries now and am really impressed; the cleanser doesn't foam up which I do like as products which do tend to be more drying. It leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh, I wouldn't say it's mind blowing and without seeing long term results, it's no better than any other cleanser which I reach for however that doesn't take away from the fact it does it's job and it does it well.
The Priming Moisturiser was the item I was most looking forward to. As previously mentioned, my skin is super dry so moisturisers are by far my favourite skincare item. I have used it a few times now, giving it a chance in the morning, evening and before make up. I do like the moisturiser, it has a lovely constancy which feels fresh and light without leaving any residue. I personally don't think it's the best primer as I prefer a silicone based primer however it doesn't claim to be, so we can forgive it! 
Overall I am impressed with the brand and I definitely want to try out more. I think the three pieces I currently have are good, they're not mind-blowing but given the price and the simplicity of the brand, it isn't meant to be. I will definitely use these items up however I think the only piece I will repurchase is the Balm Dot Com. Purchasing from the website is very easy and all orders over £25 are free shipping which is perfect. Inside the packaging also came with a scratch and sniff of their new fragrance and despite not hearing raving reviews, I really like it! Perhaps that's my next purchase although the blogging world has made me feel I simply need the Boy Brow..

J x

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