If you're from Cornwall, you will understand that if the sun is out, even in the slightest, you throw caution to the wind (there's a 95% chance it's windy..) and you don your skimpiest summer gear. That in mind, when my Mum and I went for a stroll around Watergate Bay last weekend, I popped on a wee little crop top and my favourite Zara culottes. It was exceptionally sunny and the skies were a gorgeous blue however, about that wind..
I picked these culottes and the woven bag up in Zara whilst in Amsterdam, so they have a little sentimental value to them also. I've really found a love for culottes and wide leg trousers in general this year, there's something so effortless but cool about them, and not to mention comfortable. I also picked up these sliders in Primark for £3(!!) and they're pretty perfect. Super comfortable and for a measley £3, I don't mind getting them slightly ruined in sea salty water and the sand.
Watergate Bay is one of my favourite beaches in Cornwall. It has such a wide expanse so there's always somewhere where you can sit and be peaceful. It's near to Newquay so of course there's a big surfing community here aswell which adds to the tranquil setting. If you're ever visiting, try the little beach cafe too.
J x

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