Hey everyone. A few weeks ago now, I ventured way down West and headed to the annual St Ives Food and Drink Festival. I'd heard of the gathering before and am a total sucker for a food festival, so I had high expectations and was super excited to head down. We hopped on the train from Bodmin and within an hour and a half, we arrived in beautiful St Ives. The St Ives train branch line is known to be one of the most beautiful in the UK, and it surely is! The train stops right above Porthminster beach which is where the celebration was held so we took a stroll down and five pounds later, we were in!
The festival held an abundance of local foods to try and buy, food stalls for some delicious lunch, a chefs stage where some famous and local specialists (including Frances from the Bake off!!) were holding talks and a little music corner for some brilliant local people to perform
 The first of my favourite things at the festival is the absolutely mouth watering Waffle Island. I've seen this kind of thing before and always wanted to try one. So my excitement when I saw the stand at the festival was real! The options were endless on what to place inside your waffle but I opted for a pre-made selection which included ice cream, jam and marshmallows! I shared the waffle with Alex, which was probably the best thing to do, it's a whole lot of sickly but even more delicious!
Now I can't remember or find what the stall was called which provided me with this delightful, face sized slice of pizza. We all split off to look for some grub and met later with Mac & Cheese, Elk burgers, Ostritch burgers and my plate of chips and pizza in tow!
Another one of my favourite things, was Cornwalls infamous Brew van. I see this little cutey driving around frequently and it's basically amazing coffee and treats from the back of a van. Simple yet effective! 
I'll definitly pop it in my diary to head down again and I look forward to venturing around more foodie festivals! 
J x

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