I've recently become obsessed with using instagram as a tool to search out local food places. One evening whilst in one of my dark holes of instagram stalking, I came across this lovely place in Newquay called Box & Barber. It firstly caught my eye because of my obsession and long time lust for an acai bowl (these may be easy to come across in London but in Cornwall, you'll be lucky if anyone's heard of them!) but I just fell in love so quickly with the whole vibe this place put across. The Friday before the Bank Holiday weekend (the calm before the storm, if you will) seemed like the perfect opportunity to grab my Mum and head down for some brunch delights!
The sun was shining and our belly's were rumbling so we parked up and strolled down to the coffeehouse. Greeted by the lovely staff, we glanced at the menu for all of ten seconds before we chose what we wanted. The menu is full of classic brunch style dishes with the cool Box & Barber touch. I opted for the acai bowl and my Mum had the 'Box breakfast', amongst others on the menu were the likes of bacon sandwiches, toasties and avocado on toast (eyeing this up for next time!) Box & Barber also offers some amazing coffee and drinks choices, delicious smoothies and some tasty treats by the till which I regrettably resisted!
Just. Look. At. That. My Mum asked me today why youngsters nowadays always photo their food and I told her that it's because food is so decorative these days, once these were delivered to our table, she totally understood! We managed to nab a picnic table outside in the sunshine which was the perfect setting. I can honestly say, one of the nicest brunches i've ever had and possibly my new favourite food spot in Cornwall. The acai bowl came with crunchy granola, berries and even topped with some bee pollen! I cannot wait to head down again and I hope anyone reading this takes the time to do so too!
J x

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