We try and hide it but we all know that before a trip or holiday, the most important thing to do is to read up on the hot food spots. You are not alone! I did the very same before our week in Amsterdam and here I am to provide you with the all important feedback. Amsterdam is full of quirky cafes and food spots, it's choosing which one to go in which is the hard thing. When in Holland, we knew that pancakes and waffles had to be on the agenda at some point, and boy did we find them! Keep reading on to find my top five spots and do let me know if you visit any!
Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54 1072 BH Amsterdam
Kadijksplein 16 1018 AC Amsterdam
Bakers & Roasters is an absolute joy! A New Zealand style brunch spot in two locations in the city, this place is a must go. We found it online before we went and had it on the agenda to hit up on the first day between arrival and check in. It was very busy inside and we didn't fancy the wait so we opted for a slice of freshly baked cake and a cup of tea to go. The cakes were incredible and the options were plentiful! We knew we wanted to head back so a few days later we headed out first thing to get a seat. I went for navajo eggs and Alex had the kiwi breakfast, both were delicious. The prices were circa 15 euros each give or take, not the cheapest but worth every penny.
Czaar Peterstraat 74, 1018 PR Amsterdam, Netherlands
I was desperate for waffles for breakfast one morning, so I did some research online and found this one pop up. I headed straight to instagram and they looked incredible. Brunchroom is out to the East so it was a little trip on the tram to get there, but nothing extensive. Hidden around one corner was this delightful little deli. The owner was so friendly and we found a table by the window and began to read the menu. You choose either normal or vegan waffles and then choose your toppings and you pay per topping. Anything you can think of, could go on your waffle! The menu was in Dutch so we tried to translate best we could. I opted for banana and blueberries as I felt a bit fruity and Alex went for chocolate chips and honey. They come out quite quickly, warm and delicious. It was around twenty five euros for the two so quite expensive for what we had but I would definitely go back again.
I'd seen these pancake puffs online and was determined to get some. I think Alex thought I was a bit crazy constantly mumbling 'do they do pancake puffs?!'. We were feeling a bit peckish so we wandered past the funfair and found a stall which had these little beautys. They were all I thought they would be - div-ine. Warm, chocolatey and messy! 
Bellamyplein 51, Amsterdam
The Foodhallen was actually a recommendation from someone on my instagram, I can't believe I hadn't read about this place already! We headed down here on the last day to pick up some bites to eat. We had heard about these fried meatballs which we were so curious about, and I saw they did them here. It actually turned out we weren't that far away from here at all. The foodhallen is what it says, a hall full of food stalls. Everything from yoghurt to waffles to Mexican food. The only thing I will say is head down around late afternoon. We went as it opened and most stalls weren't up and running yet so we were limited on options and I have read it's very busy over lunch time. Top tip for here also - all stalls take card only!
Jacob van Lennepkade 215 , Amsterdam, NH, 1054
I couldn't not mention Staring At Jacob despite the fact we couldn't actually eat here - it was closed for renovations, boo! We were so excited to go for brunch, fried chicken and waffles -yaaas! We had a wander down the night before to find the spot and saw the note on the door, it was a sad moment. However I have read alot of reviews saying how amazing it is and it is absolutely on my wishlist for next time. The name might seem odd at first, but the cafe is actually overlooking the Jacob canal, the perfect setting.

Now that i'm suitably starving - i'm going to grab some lunch which unfortunately won't be as delicious as those above!
Let me know your favourite spots in Amsterdam.
J x

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