Every year I give myself goals and as per everyone else on this planet, they're way too hard to achieve and I fail completely. That being said, this year I felt i'm getting to a certain age where it really is time to make some changes. I wanted to make a little list of my current goals, what i'm doing to achieve them and why. It may make an interesting read but it'll certainly be useful for me to look back on in six months time!
 No1 - Learning to swim. 
I've spent too many years saying 'I can't swim!' without actually giving it a go. As a child, I didn't like swimming and therefore was never pushed to do it, alas leaving me with the fear as I grew older to consider giving it another go. Now, I live in Cornwall and I am a sorry excuse considering I cannot even dip a toe in the water so I set myself the goal to become a swimmer.
I am now a few months down, have a membership at the local leisure center and can honestly say I am really enjoying it. I'm getting stronger and am determined to keep it up. The next step is to step into the sea and ultimately, learn to surf!
No2 - Saving my money.
It's not a strange one and it's pretty much on everyone's list however I am determined to save every penny I can. I was impressed with how well I did last year so I am hitting this year running. The goal is to buy a house within the next twelve months but also generally to just be sensible and thoughtful with my earnings. The best thing I did with my finances was to become organised and meticulous. I've never been a big spender but I often lost track as to where I was. Nowadays i'm checking my balance on the regular and know what's happening to the penny. I'm really passionate about financial planning and it's something I want to incorporate on here eventually.
No3 - A curated closet, 'capsule wardrobe' if you will..
As previously mentioned, i've never been a big spender and when it's come to my wardrobe, it's actually showing through as a bad thing. I've never invested in clothing or accessories and stuck with cheaper high street stores which wear out and never last very long. I've had a pretty good clear out of what I don't wear and also what is starting to look a bit too old and i've made a goal with myself to spend a little bit extra (more Whistles than Burberrys..) on some more key pieces and keep the fast fashion to a minimum. A big inspiration for this is Anna from the Anna Edit, who I recommend!

No4 - Keep it up at the gym.
I've had a membership at the gym for a while and to be fair, i've always kept it up pretty well. I'm now on a regular routine whereby I do two hours a day during the week and keep up with my swimming at the weekend. I do classes most of the time and absolutely love it. I'm a nervous gymmer, if i'm in there i'd stick to the cardio machines however the classes have me dead lifting, squatting and all sorts. My main goal is toning and fitness however I have a summer playsuit whereby I could do with losing a few pounds for it to fit more comfortably, so that's by mini goal.
No5 - Take more photographs.
Yes, I am totally that person who takes photos of their food and their ice creams at the beach and anything cute I see. But I am so okay with that. As much as I adore the curated and beautiful instagram pages of all the influencers out there, but I am more than happy with mine being bright, colourful and a diary of the fun things I do to remind myself of every moment. Believe it or not, looking back at the yummy pancakes I had one morning happens on the regular and always puts a smile on my face. Aside from instagram, I do also want to start printing more photos, especially of our trips and holidays. 
J x


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