It has been years since I first heard about the Fairy Drops mascara and it's been until now for me to finally try it. I'm a big lover of a spider lash so anything which is super voluminous is right up my street. I'd heard that Fairy Drops were a great brand for mascara as it is Japanese based and they're generally superstars at anything lashes! So when I spied that ASOS had started stocking these mascaras I ordered straight away and had to try it out straight away. Read on to see if I felt it was worth the years of hype!
It is hard to look past the gorgeous packaging; the hot pink, cute doodles and girly font is all so eye catching. But so is the wand - this mascara has tears which make up the wand with these ball like curves. The aim is to catch the lashes in the right way that the lashes get the maximum lift and curve. It's a strange concept and i'm not going to lie - difficult to get the grasp of straight away! 
So the result was a success! The first layer I was disapointed, there was no immediate 'oh my gosh!' at the result but maybe I was expect a little too much anyway. Layer after layer we got there and my lashes were looking good! I will say it takes a few layers to get the look I was going for but it adds alot of length and the lashes feel very light, not caked down.
I'm not convinced it was worth the price tag and I won't be buying it again but i'm glad I finally tried it and i'm sure for those of you with naturally short lashes which give you nothing, it'll make a much bigger impact.
Have you tried? Let me know your thoughts!

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