Hey all! So I visited Italy a while back and explored a few areas which I wanted to share with you. The trip was a get away with one of my best friends and it was a week long break in the very hot sunshine. One of our stops included Sorrento which is a South Western coastal location, home to the well known and highly photographed Amalfi Coast. We headed down through Italy on the train and made a stop off at Naples also.
Italian streets are generally so gorgeous but the streets we strolled in Sorrento were a world of their own. So colourful, intricate and honest. We walked along in total awe of what we were seeing but watching the locals go by their daily routine in such a beautiful area, buying fresh fruit and riding on the traditional vespa.
Emerging from the streets, Sorrento has a stunning coastline. The coast is not on the road level so heading through the town and peering below was amazing.
After indulging in some much needed refreshing ice cream, we headed down the cliff to the sea and I will point out that you get charged for everything. To walk down to the water you're charged, to use the public toilet, sit on the sand, go in the water, everything! So we pitched up and sunbathed on the wall for a bit (why not, it was free!) and enjoyed the surroundings before heading back on the train.
Just look at those colours! The Amalfi Coast is home to some of the most amazing coastal views I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, definitely worth a trip down if you are visiting any Southern areas of Italy. There are an abundance of Amalfi Coast boat trips and tours you can go on to get some better experiences but we were short on time before we headed back to the train to continue our Italian wanders.

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