There is no better way to spend the summer months than watching live music outdoors with a fruity cider in hand and gladiator sandals on my feet. I've seen a few bands this summer so far and thought I would list through a few of my favourites. These includes bands i've loved and followed for a little while and also new bands I listened to and loved.
Alex and I were keen to see Teleman live during the summer as we are fans of some of the members former stuff by the band Pete and the Pirates, many songs you'll recognise from The Inbetweeners!
They're a super indie four piece with some melancholy tunes and a dusting of uplifting choruses. They're a great act for a small stage and perfect for a roadtrip, easy listening and addictive lyrics. Also - great hipster shirts from the frontman.
Now Hinds are total '#GirlGoals', just the coolest four set i've ever seen. They're a Spanish indie rock band from Madrid in their early twenties and totally owning it. They have such a fun and exciting presence when live, complete with head banging, hair thrown everywhere, cute outfits and amazing vocals. I watched them live in Spain therefore they sang most of their songs in Spanish however their debut album is in English and is amazing. They write their own stuff, sport some awesome 90's outfits and have such a unique sense of female rock'n'roll, check them out!
If you've ever seen The Vaccines before live you'll know to never expect them to disappoint. Enthusiastic, energetic and exciting (check that alliteration, huh?!) the whole crowd was up jumping and the bangers kept rolling out and Justin was totally wearing mom jeans.
I could watch these guys hundreds of times in a row, they were incredible live and my favourite act from the entire festival I attended in Valencia. There's something so honest and appreciative from them that just makes you so happy for them. It's hard to not enjoy yourself when the act are enjoying themselves so much! Identical to the recorded sound, Vans vocals are perfect live and complete with their long list of hits i'd opt for Catfish to headline any festival I visited. Catfish had one of the largest crowds i'd seen at the entire four day long festival so they're not short of adoring fans and rightly so, their second album, The Ride, is now on repeat in my car.
I'd heard 'Speeding Cars' a few times before watching the five piece live but was a virgin to their other tracks. Think Fightstar meets Snow Patrol, a soft rock Irish band with a slight throwback sound. I personally love their sound as it reminds me of my teens and I bought their album 'Everything This Way' after seeing them live. They played in the sunshine and it was the perfect act to sit on the grass and wave your arms in the air too.
Have you seen any of the above live? Let me know your favourite act of the summer!

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